Service on the Altar Guild is a vocation. “It is not just another Church job.” It is a sacred ministry undertaken in love and dedication by men and women who are called by God to prepare and tend the places where the Body of Christ worships. The Altar Guild “has a special role as the priest’s liturgical partner in making the worship life of the parish run smoothly.”


St. John’s believes that beauty elevates the worship experience; the Church is assisted by a dedicated corps of floral artisans, who weekly transform the Sanctuary with beautiful seasonal floral decorations.

In Holy Week, the Lady Chapel is transformed into a likeness of the Garden of Gethsemane where people keep watch during the night following the Maundy Thursday services. On Rogation Sunday in the fall, the entire Church becomes a visual cornucopia of the harvest’s bounty. Pentecost Sunday is set ablaze with flowers in every hue of red…and Christmas each year is a visual expression of the season’s joy.