He who sings prays twice – St. Augustine

As a Parish, with a charisma unique to its talents and place, St. John’s seeks also to support music as a special ministry, recognizing it to be a powerful force in praising God, and a means of supporting and giving thanks for the community in which our life is nurtured.

It is said that music reaches the soul when words cannot and that the combination of words and music can move into the very core of humanity. God’s love, care, and strength have been imagined through music more effectively than words can convey.  The beginning comes in the marriage of music and text. The result of that marriage can be a conduit into that thin space where God is so keenly felt. It is found in the warmth and assurance of Maurice Duruflé’s setting of Ubi Caritas (Where true love and charity are found, God is there) or in the strength and power and lamentation of Anton Bruckner’s Christus factus est(Christ became obedient for us unto death, even to the death, death on the cross). The goal is for the singer and conductor to become joined with the music. It is an ever evolving process and sometimes the most poignant revelations come at the last. It is so closely related to spiritual development, a revelation that occurs from one minute to the next can open a new vision of God’s love.



The St. John’s Choir sings the liturgies of Holy Eucharist and Choral Evensong from September through early June, offering psalms, canticles, anthems and motets from our rich Anglican musical heritage. Additionally, the Choir sings at Holy Day and special Feast Day liturgies, including Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and the Great Vigil of Easter. In the summer, a small schola chants the psalms in traditional plainchant settings. The Choir’s repertoire includes music representing a broad range of styles from Renaissance motets, Baroque Mass settings and Oratorio choruses to 19th century English anthems and 20th century American spirituals. The Choir is a semi-professional ensemble that draws its members from the Parish as well as through open auditions.

For more information or to schedule an audition, please contact the Church at 860-868-2527 x203.